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PJSC SIBUR Holding, LLC SIBUR Tobolsk, Severnaya Feed and Product Storage Facility. Tranformer substation-204. Park B-3/2

Construction of a modular packaged transformer substation in the course of extension and reconstruction of the unit of broad fraction of light hydrocarbons processing of LLC SIBUR Tobolsk

The construction of the modular packaged transformer substation provided electric power supply to Severnaya Feed and Product Storage Facility, which was constructed for augmentation of gas fractionation capacity from 6.6 to 8 million tons per year and augmentation of the product release

Project description

The project included: design, manufacture, construction and assembling work, start-up and commissioning work on a two-transformer modular substation with metal enclosure having power 2x1600 kVA with a changeover switch on the small side (2BKTPM-1600/10/0.66-23UKhL1). Transformer substation is designated to receive, converse, distribute electric power of three-phase alternate current under working pressure of 0.69 kW for power supply of valves, ventilation and auxiliary systems 400/230 V with electric cable inlet to 10 kW, frequency 50 Hz. The transformer substation is installed on the pile foundation with level foundation grill and assorted with:

  • High-voltage cubicle switchboards KRUE RM6 (RUVN);
  • Low-voltage cubicle switchgears NKU based on the structural elements of its own design;
  • Dry-type power transformers TTR-A10/0.69 kW, 0.69/0.4 kW;
  • Power factor correction units 150 kVAr.

The transformer substation is equipped by:

  • Lighting system;
  • Alarm system;
  • Fire-fighting system and the fire-alarm system, as well as the automated system of gas fire-fighting in the premises of the packaged transformer substation and reactor facility – 0.4 kW;
  • Protection from overload, earth bonding and lightning protection;
  • Automated process control system of heating and ventilation.

Air handling unit providing overpressure in the premises of the transformer substation is designed with full redundancy. Exhaust unit working for air circulation in winter is designed with redundant air blower. Air intake for the handling unit is made via the air intake pipe with 20 m length from the ground. Air discharge is made at the level of 1 m from the roof. Discharge shafts are equipped by ventilation hoods to prevent precipitation from fall in.


The constructed modular packaged transformer substation provided safe electric power supply to Severnaya Feed and Product Storage Facility, regular release of LLC SIBUR Tobolsk products.


Russia, Tyumen Region, Tobolsk (industrial area)

Hydrocarbon crude processing