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The plant produces modular equipment for receipt, transformation and distribution of electric energy up to 110 kV,
autonomous power plants of remote facilities.

Production System

Total production area comprises 5,000 m2, production capacity – 12 concrete casings per month or 15 metal casings per month.

Manufacturing of modular equipment is organized at the production facilities. The products go through the whole production cycle and are released as fully finished manufactured products. In the course of transformer substations design, choice of construction materials and covering technologies all factors are taken into account which are necessary for the equipment use in Russia, such as mechanical strength, water resistance, seismic stability and fire safety.

Modern electric equipment and the latest developments allow even in emergency situations to provide for reliable operation. No constant service by working staff is required for stable functioning of the produced substations, the system is fully automated. Such equipment is actively used by power men in the course of network complex reconstruction. NIPOM participates in implementation of construction and modernization projects of power supply systems of socially significant facilities with regard to all requirements of power and ecological safety.

Modular Buildings Design

At this stage working-out of architectural and planning solutions of a future building takes place in accordance with the requirements and wishes of the customer, as well as preliminary estimate of the value of the designed facility. All the preliminarily applied solutions are checked from the point of view of compliance with ecological, sanitary and hygiene, fire safety norms for the purpose of safe environment of the used facility for life and health of people. At this stage of design agreement with the customer of the accepted architectural, planning and construction solutions is realized. If necessary, execution of the questionnaire is carried out and development of the requirements specification. Apart from that, at this stage the customer may make corrections and amendments of the solutions accepted in the draft project.

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Partners of NIPOM include Russian and foreign companies having many years of development at electrotechnical market.

The basis for cooperation with suppliers is formed by high requirements to the quality of the offered products. Guarantee of reliability and quality is 100% incoming control of the components and the materials. Stable quality of the products is supported by constant monitoring of the equipment condition at the customer’s sites.

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Certificates and Patents

Compliance certificate for complete block power plants based on wind and solar modules of BKEU-VSM type.


Certificate ISO 9001:2015


Declaration for package transformer substation (PTS)


Compliance certificate GOST R for package transformer substations

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